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Buying a shelf company gives you the oportunity to act in the name of the company right after the notarial documents of the shares transfer have been verified.

Different from the company formation where is necessary to wait for a certain period of time before the company is incorporated and before the owner can dispose of the bank account the shelf company offers you the valid legal entity with ID number which can do business immediately.

This advantage is of the special value particulary when considering the necessity to visit Czech Republic twice when incorporating a new company (once to open the special bank account for the basic capital and for the second time to activate the account)

In the case of the shelf company we are dealing with existing entity and the fully operational bank account can be open on the day of the company transfer. Only one visit is necessary.

If your business can not wait any longer and you must start with your activity right away buy a ready made company (the shelf company). Contact us.


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